What is this Bumping thing anyway?

Rules for bumping

1.) In each class family, follow the chart from left to right starting with any class with less than 3 competitors. Stop when a combined class has 3 or more competitors. Where multiple branches feed into a single class, resolve all branches before moving right.

2.) In the event that step 1 led to orphans, reverse the bump from right to
left. Where multiple branches converge, either branch from the same class family can be followed to form a class. (Note native XP orphans can bump down to the BP, EP, or CP branch, but not SSM.) Home any orphans.

3.) If orphans remain after step 2, place them in the next higher class family in the appropriate class for each car.
– Street and ST orphans move into SP
– SP and CAM/XS orphans move into SM
– Prepared and SM orphans move into Modified

4.) In the event Modified orphans remain after step 3, move down class family to XP. If necessary, bump from right to left into the Street Modified family. If the Modified orphans do not resolve in the Street Modified family, return to XP and bump from right to left within the Prepared branches.

Bumping Method

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