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2015 Membership & Five Event Passes Available at Banquet

At the January meeting it was decided to give a $15 discount on memberships (individual and family) when purchased at the Banquet. We will also be selling 5 click passes for $100. While I am sure you were planning to come for the great eats and social aspects of the Banquet, now there is a financial benefit too.
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Whaaaaaaa-un vs. Zweeeeeee-in

Written by Zoomy (Carl) The concept of the open air roadster brings out the driving enthusiast in most that pursue the purchase of such a car. The top down, wind in your hair and face feeling conjures up images of carving down twisty country roads walled in by towering trees and listening to the sound of the engine as you accelerate, brake, downshift, upshift and attack the next section of pavement that awaits your assault. The car doesn't necessarily need to be one that exudes tremendous horsepower or cost hundreds of thousands of dollars...
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