Welcome to the Cumberland Motor Club

Incorporated in 1958, the Cumberland Motor Club (CMC) sponsors autocross (gymkhana / Solo 2) competition and time / speed / distance rally events in central and southern Maine.

The CMC gives participants the opportunity to compete in sanctioned, safe events.

  • Maine’s Finest Event Review
    Checkout the Recent Review from Maine’s Finest written by: Jason Perry My very first introduction to CMC was through a good friend of mine Brian Austin back in 2006. At the time I had no idea autocross even existed, but Brian was already nuts about it. Consequently about 6 months later, and 5 days after signing the paperwork on my barely used 2003 Mitsubishi Evo 8, I was sliding sideways at the Crooker lot in Brunswick. Temp paper plates and all. After that I never really looked at motorsports the same, or parking lots for that matter. I never would have thought, in a million years, that some cones in barely used tarmac parking lot could be such an insane amount of fun. CMC has...
  • All AutoX Events are Locked in!
    Checkout the event calendar and get familiar with the upcoming events. We have several at BNAS this season and don’t forget about Loring AFB. Look forward to seeing everyone. If you’re new be sure to check us out on Facebook and look around the site for tips and help on what to expect. Don’t forget to Pre-register!...
  • Event Updates for Sept 29th & Oct 13th!
    The Sept 29 event will be held at the Maine Sand and Gravel Lot (Crooker Lot). The Oct 13 event will be held at the Brunswick Naval Air Station....
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